Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cupcakes and Magic in the OC

Two words: Girls' Weekend. It has to be done at least once a year. This time we headed up to the OC and stayed in the lovely Dana Point. The weather was outstanding and just added to the blissful perfection of the girls weekend! Chris really doesn't understand exactly what you DO on a girls weekend - so this list is for him.

We relaxed at the pool sipping on our pina colada smoothies, hit just about every mall around, saw 2 movies, shopped in 90 degree heat at the Santa Monica flea market, searched Montana Ave. for "macarones", played papparazzi at the Ivy, chatted with Magic Johnson and Cookie while waiting in line for popcorn at the movies, taste tested Crumbs cupcakes vs. Sprinkles cupcakes (Sprinkles won, BTW), stopped to get a Diet Coke probably more than once, were awakened at 3 AM by the evil hotel fire alarm, visited Roger's Gardens, shopped with Billy Baldwin and Hope from "Thirty Something", and gave a shoutout to someone called Ruffio from Hook, we ate gelato, crepes, amazing salads, sweet corn tamale cakes, cupcakes and more until we were sick, shopped at Anthropologie for almost an hour after they had closed (no one bothered to tell us they were closed they just gave us dirty looks), took a walk on the beach, read trashy celebrity gossip magazines, drove in lots of traffic and laughed the whole time! Girls, please let me know if I left anything out! Thanks to our wonderful husbands for making it happen!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Stranded on an Island

Actually, it's not such a bad predicament to be trapped in Maui! And we might not actually be trapped, but for a while there we weren't sure if we'd be able to get home. We still aren't sure! We didn't find out until we were actually on the plane that we were on the last San Diego to Maui flight that Aloha Airlines would fly! We heard some rumblings that Aloha was closing - we just didn't know that we were on the last flight and that they had no intention of getting us home. We were just happy to be on our way, feeling lucky that they didn't cancel our flight and hoping that the soon to be unemployed pilot wasn't too depressed about his situation - and take us all down with him. It was a memorable flight, the attendant on the intercom cried through her announcements and the entire flight applauded when we arrived in Maui to lots of people on the tarmack taking pictures of our flight landing. The airport was a ghost town with no one at all in the terminal where we landed. We waited for 2 hours at the airport to see if United would fly us home - as you can imagine there were lots of angry people there who arrived at the airport for their flight home only to be told "sorry airline closed"! They weren't much help to us either. We do have reservations with Hawaiian for a flight next week. We're still not sure if we'll get on it - but until then, we're having a great time stranded in paradise!