Thursday, June 23, 2011

I had a revelation at Burger King

Today I went to Burger King.  I don't even know how long it has been since I sat in the play area of a fast food restaurant.   But that's where I was when I made the firm decision to revive the family blog.  Lindsay is gone to EFY and Shelby was at the beach with a friend.  So I told Owen it was his day and he could do whatever he wanted.  First, he called a friend.  They played video games while I did the yard work I have been putting off for months.  We decided that we would go somewhere for lunch- kid's choice.  They decided on Burger King because they wanted to go somewhere with a play area and Owen said the one at McDonald's smells like feet.   So I found myself sitting in the play area eating a Rodeo Cheeseburger (it's a little cheeseburger with BBQ sauce and two onion rings - not bad BK!), drinking my first real Diet Coke in a few days and perusing the latest Ballard Designs catalog.  There were very few kids there and the air was fresh with no foot odor whatsoever.  It was a choice moment.  As Owen and his friend ran in and out of the  play area coming back every few minutes for a sip of their drinks, I was thinking about what it was like when he was little and I had to rescue him from the Playland every time we went.  I don't know what happened up there, but he would always start crying and not come out until I crawled up through the maze of childhood/fast food grime to get him.  This happened more than just a few times and in more than just a few different playlands.  Don't ask me why I kept letting him go up.  He would always promise that he'd be brave and I would believe him.  But every time I would leave the place with sore knees and who knows what else stuck to him and me not to mention the humiliation of trying to squeeze my adult sized body into a kid sized tube while everyone in the place watched me.  Eventually, we just stopped going and then all my kids grew an aversion to all fast food and the rest is history.  Until today, when I was reminded that my blissful moment was due to the fact that I don't have little kids anymore.  No playland rescues today...and it actually made me want to cry...
So instead of wallowing in my sad,  selfish, "I'm an Old Mom" misery I decided that I needed to hold on to whatever years I have left while my kids are kids.  I need to remember the details.  I need to savor the few moments we have left.  I need to talk it out and write it down, document it and put pictures to it.  I am not out to give sage advice, or make my life seem perfect, or try and make it the cutest on the block.  In fact, I kind of hope no one will read it from here on out.  Takes some of the pressure off.  I just want to be able to remember days like today.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Part Two - Two Lakes Three Families

It's a cold rainy day in February and I think I am longing for those warm days of summer. It's been about six months since I last posted on our sad, neglected family blog. But I guess it is now time to add the second half of our summer vacation post. We have kept you in suspense long enough. So here it is. And now I am longing to be back

at the lake....
The second half of our incredible lake vacation included two fun and adventurous families the Downings and the Gharrings. We all shared a big house overlooking beautiful Bass Lake with a dock where we could bask in the sun to our hearts' desire. Here we are (most of us) assembling for the group photo while we tried to figure out the self timer on the camera.
I guess we never quite figured it out.

The fun was non-stop! Boating and tubing

Swimming out to the water trampoline.

Shelby learned to waterski!

Luke and Owen fishing - how cute is that?

We took another day trip to Yosemite (twice in two weeks!). This time we all hiked to the base of Yosemite Falls. Owen decided he wanted to jump in the pool at the bottom of the falls.
It was freezing, but they did it (even with belts and shoes on)!

Summer 2009 - such sweet memories!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Two Lakes Three Families - Part One

For our family vacation we had eleven blissful days of pure relaxation and fun! It started out in Twain Harte, CA, a cute little mountain community with a members only lake where families have been coming back every summer for generations! It felt like a good old fashioned family vacation from the 70s. We shared a cabin with the Warrens, so it was lots of girls and then Owen. He took it upon himself to become everyone's pesky little brother. But they had so much fun together. We did a little bit of everything. Here's some of the favorites:

Visiting the mining town Columbia. We got to pan for gold, ride in a stagecoach, and of course drink some sassparilla!

A day trip to Yosemite which involved lots of rock climbing, channeling Ansel Adams and two bears.

Could there be a more perfect backdrop???

A beautiful bike ride through the mountains.

Girls' shopping trip

A round of 70s style mini golf

Family bingo night at the Snack Shack

And of course the lake!

Thanks to the Warrens for being such great vacation buddies!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sunday morning photo shoot

We were ready early for church on Sunday so we had an impromptu photo shoot. Unfortunately, we got so carried away, we actually ended up being late for church. But we did get some cute shots.

Best Cousins

Can you believe they will be starting their last year of middle school?

Boy cousin sleepover - not so scary.

We hosted the Keeler boy cousin sleepover. Owen was counting down the days and it did not disappoint. They had a great time. Chris took them to the abandoned house next door to shoot paint ball guns at old stuff on the hill. Sounds really classy, huh? That's the way we roll!

Are we a crazy cat family yet?

Introducing the newest Keeler family member. June the kitten. All I can say is don't even go over to the people with the box that are standing in front of Walmart. And whatever you do, don't look in that box. You never know what might be looking back at you. In our case, it was this adorable little thing. How can you say no to that face? Lesson learned ... sorry Chris.