Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Weekend Happenings

Now that I have the apology out of the way, I can blog about our fun weekend. Chris' co-worker gave him tickets to the Counting Crows/Maroon 5 concert on Saturday night. She said she didn't want to stay up that late. Since we are slightly less boring than that we said we'll take them! The concert was at the Cricket Amphitheatre - minutes from Chris' parents house, which made it ultra convenient to drop the kids off and for us to spend Saturday night there.

We had such a great time. The Counting Crows cancelled at the last minute but that still left us with Augustana (a local San Diego band that we loved- added them to my playlist!) and Maroon 5. We were really surprised at how great they sounded and how entertaining it was!
We were in the lawn seating. It was blissful sitting on a blanket under the stars, having a whole bag of kettle corn and my husband to myself. Perfect night!

Meanwhile the kids were having a great time! We were told the highlight of the night was a game of sardines. At one point Lindsay and Shelby were stuffed in a closet with Mimi, Granddad, Aunt Jenni, Uncle Rob and Robby while Owen looked for them! Our kids are so lucky to have fun grandparents!
Owen got up early to help Mimi sweep the front walk (apparently they do this every time the kids spend the night there). Elizabeth told me later about their conversation that I thought was hillarious.

Mimi to Owen: How did you sleep?
Owen: Pretty good. But I didn't have my sound machine.
Mimi: Oh, you have a sound machine to help you sleep?
Owen: Yeah
Mimi: Oh, that's good.
Owen: Well, it's more of a baby machine.
Mimi: It is?
Owen: Yeah, but one of the songs is educational.
Mimi: Which is that?
Owen: It's the ABC song, so that's okay.(Owen's sound/baby machine but it's okay because it's educational.)

We went to church at our old Stake Center, drove by the home where I spent my teenage years,
and climbed to the top of the water tower by my house just for old times sake. check out the cool M5 concert Tshirt!
Back home in time to make some delicious Key Lime sugar cookies inspired by Crystal's key lime cupcakes - Yum! Fun little getaway for all the Keelers!

Monday, September 15, 2008

An Apology...

Well, I guess because of my last post Chris has taken a few hits (particularly from the paintball team). So although the square dancing diploma will proudly remain on this blog, I feel like I want to add a few extra things about my beloved husband Christopher Dean Keeler. His confidence in his masculinity not only allows him to be a fine square dancer, it gives me the freedom to decorate our house the way I like, enjoy an occassional chick flick with me and wear a unicorn patch on his paintball vest with pride. He is a hard worker and I am so proud of what he has accomplished, especially in the last few years. His 2 year old law firm that he created with 9 other partners, now has 3 offices and over 50 attorneys! Chris is so good at his job that they made him general counsel for the firm. His clients love him too, especially the more mature female school administrators, who he charms with his sense of humor and boyish good looks. I have also been amazed at how he is faithfully serving in the Bishopric. His dedication to his calling has blessed our family. Chris is the best dad! He comes home from his stressful job and always wants to play with the kids. They adore him! He is always willing to help me with whatever crazy project I have going on. And he never ever complains about having breakfast for dinner or when I can't even manage that! I truly can't imagine having a better husband - and as a bonus - he can square dance! (even though I have never actually seen him do this).

Monday, September 8, 2008

Things you find out about your husband...

Can you believe it? We have been married for over 16 years and I am still learning new things about my multi-talented husband! Chris pulled out his childhood Ziggy scrapbook (circa 1970s) yesterday. To our amazement, we found that he had forgotten about a particular diploma he had earned while in Middle School, one to go right up there on the wall of his office with the diplomas from Stanford and BYU Law School. If you can't read it: Let it be known to all square dancers! Chris has earned a bachelor of square dancing from the College of Square Dance Knowledge! It only took him 3 years. But apparently he did master the art of executing the Do Si Do and The Allemmande Left. It is an honored degree and title which he certainly does proudly bear. In fact, he took it to work today to put up on his office wall of diplomas and certificates. He knew it would make his co-workers so happy!