Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yea, a day off!

Well, the weekend wasn't exactly relaxing with a birthday party Friday night and then laboring all day Saturday on the neverending home projects. We decided we had to get out for a fun day on our free Monday. It's museum month at the SD county museums. You just get a card from Macy's and you get in for half price. We headed down to the Birch aquarium in La Jolla. Lots of fun. Then went to check out the seals and sea lions at the cove. A baby seal had been born that morning and we got to watch its mom trying to teach it to swim. We thought she should at least give him a day, but what do we know? Dinner and pazooki in La Jolla, getting home by 7 pm- the kids in bed by 9pm - no dishes ... perfect day!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Party time

It's Friday night - the end of a hard week and what does Chris come home to? A house full of 16 girls in their jammies singing High School Musical and playing DDR. Actually, it was calm through dinner. We could hardly believe how quiet and polite they were. After dinner was another story. We decided to play the crazy hair game (Chris' idea!). It was all screaming from there on out. We were wise enough to make it an everything but sleepover - sleepover. They were all gone by 10pm and everyone got a good nights sleep!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shelby is 9!!

Our cute, sweet little Shelby...
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is growing up!
Happy Birthday Shelby!! We love you!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Little Froggy leg


No, he didn't break his leg. It's a stretching cast. He'll wear it for about 2 weeks just to give his leg muscle a nice long stretch. As he was on the table with the technician cranking his foot down as hard as she could, we made up some stories to tell in case anyone asked what happened. Our favorite is: "I was in Paris climbing the Eiffel tower when someone hit me on the head with a baguette and I fell down and broke my leg." We haven't fooled anyone yet. Last time he had a blue cast and he decided then that the next one would be green. So when they asked what color, there was no hesitation. He picked the brightest greeny-est color there. He was very excited about it until the tech finished and then looked at his leg and said, "Hey, it looks just like a little froggy foot." You should have seen his face, he was so sad. He gets really mad if I call him froggy, but I can't help myself. All his preschool friends signed it and then he christened it with a nice mud bath at preschool the next day. It was the first time he came home from school dirty. How lucky that it happened to be on the first day of his two week no bath or shower stint. There was actually mud on his little toes in the cast - gross! Dirty little froggy foot! Anyway, I'm so proud of my sweet, brave guy! He is handling it like a little trooper!
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