Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mother's Day Slideshow

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Lindsay turns 12 and more

Lindsay had a big birthday last week - she's 12! On Sunday she sang with the Primary in Sacrament Meeting for Mother's Day - even though she said she wasn't technically in Primary anymore - just one last time for me on Mother's Day!

You can tell she's growing up because she requested to go to sushi for her birthay dinner. I guess Richie's Dinner doesn't cut it anymore (well it never has but that's beside the point.) And she decided to adopt the Sorenson tradition of birthday creme brulee. Once we figured out Stacy's industrial sized blow torch, it was beautiful!
Also this week, she participated in a band concert with Gardner Middle School and the high school bands. She and Ashley are in the flute section. It's amazing how much they have learned in a few months. Here's a cute picture of them at the concert.
She'll have her party next week- I'm sure there will be more to come on that.

Among all the other things in my crazy week, a friend put together a cupcake exchange. What is a cupcake exchange many have asked? Well, the point is to find the recipe for and make an amazing cupcake that you share with everyone else. That is much more easily said than done. There were delicious cupcakes, but it was funny to hear how many different recipes people had to try, about the failed experiments, and how much everyone was despising cupcakes by the time it was over. I wish I had a picture of our beautiful cupcake display - but this was my submission.

and this is what my kitchen looked like when I was done making them. I probably won't do that again!