Thursday, November 29, 2007

'tis the season

We had a great Thanksgiving! We enjoyed not one, but two amazing Thanksgiving meals. Then to top it all off, our kids went home with Mimi and Grandad for a sleepover at their house! As Chris and I drove away from our last Thanksgiving meal stuffed full of good food and enjoying the peace and quiet in the car, we certainly counted our blessings!

Now we are in full Christmas mode. We climbed ladders and strung lights and I attempted to duct tape sparkly garland and snowflakes to the stucco on the house (by the way, it doesn't work I just retaped it for the bazillioneth time). At one point on Saturday, the whole family was on the roof - even Owen and the cat. I would have liked to get a pic for the blog, but I couldn't leave them up there alone to go get the camera! I'm not crazy.

Well, maybe Chris thinks I am. Every day he has come home from work to a house that looks a Christmas bomb went off, kids who have had very little supervision, no dinner and me covered in glitter. Let's just say, I get a little intense at this time of year. But, I promised myself last year, that this year we would have a simpler, more spiritual Christmas. I am publicly reminding myself of that! If anyone has any advice I'd love to hear it! My family would certainly appreciate it!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Not just a girls night

I have experienced quite a few girls' nights out in my time, but never like this. This was the one to top them all. It started with shopping ... nice! Then let's throw in a little Cheesecake Factory, better! Then the highlight of the night was going to see the So You think You Can Dance tour. I went with 6 other moms. (Sorry Shelby and Lindsay, I'll take you next time!) We were all big fans of the show (well Debbie became a fan, right?). The show was great. It was amazing to see all that incredible dancing in person.
But, it was all over too soon. We decided that we were just "crazy psycho fan" enough to wait for them behind the building. We were hoping to just catch a glimpse of them running to their buses. We got so much more! Just as we were about to give up thinking they had already left via some secret exit, out they came! We were able to meet all of the dancers and get autographs and pictures. I may be a 37 year old mom of three today, but last night I felt like I was 16! Don't be embarassed for me, I'm okay with it!

Neil, my personal favorite

even better up close!

Danny and Dominic

Bustin' a move with Sabra (so cute, sweet and tiny!)

The incredible Hok

Pasha, suave and smooth

Kameron, obviously another favorite of mine

What a fun night!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Someone's having a birthday!

This post is all about the big guy in our lives. He is having a birthday tomorrow and we want him to know how great we think he is (so great!)and how much we love him (so so so so so much!!) Happy Birthday Chris!

I like my Dad because he hugs me and he sings the good morning song. I like when he reads stories to me. I really love it when he plays Cars on the Playstation with me. Owen

The thing I like best about my dad is he is funny. He dances and sings for us and makes funny faces. He plays games with us like Monster and Poison. I love him!! Shelby

My dad plays with us a lot. He always makes us laugh when he does the running man. Thanks Dad for helping me with my math homework. He works really hard for our family. He is really smart and kind and funny. I love and appreciate my Dad! Lindsay

Thanks for spoiling all of us. We have the best life because of you! You're the hard worker, good time party guy, patient teacher, Saturday laborer and unselfish husband. We are all lucky to have you, but especially me! Happy Birthday!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Halloween Fun

Lindsay and Ashley designed their own cave girl costumes
Owen as a handsome Diego

Shelby the cutest carhop!

Jonah who learned the true meaning of Halloween this year

Ethan the magician with his buddy Diego

We had a fun party at my Mom's house this Halloween (Dad was in Turkey, so he missed out!) We went trick or treating with all of the cousins except we missed Gabe and Katie. They wanted to hit every house in the neighborhood this year. I think they did - even Owen! The amount of candy they brought in was scary!!

I took some video of all the kids. Unfortunately I did it in portrait view instead of landscape, so it is sideways. If I ever figure out how to flip it I will post it for you.

We all really missed the Keeler cousin Halloween party this year. It is true that the holiday actually did go on - but we don't want to miss it again!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Highlights of Hawaii

Some of the highlights of our trip:
Driving around in the blue party van.
Electric Beach - like snorkeling in a giant aquarium with a jacuzzi
Renting our own boat for free diving (thanks Jeff!)
Molosadas (the first day)
Walking the beautiful beach at Lanakai
Watching the guys take part in an illegal financial transaction with Morey in Kailua
Seeing the Carpenters and Greenes launch their kayaks
A perfect day on the beach in Waikiki
For me, two good meals (Roys and Dukes) lots more for Chris
Swimming with a sea turtle
Cruising in our 'stang
A giant shave ice (next time it's Matsumotos!)
Getting upgraded to business class on the way home because we were late
Having our kids be thrilled with tacky souveniers we brought home from Hilo Hatties

The lowlights:
Coming down with the flu on our second full day
Throwing up in the room
Throwing up on the beach and having a guy give me post hangover advice
Losing a whole roll of pictures from the underwater camera of the most amazing snorkeling
Molosadas (Sadly, I may never be able to eat them again.)

It has been a cathartic experience going through these pictures, as I have been in a post vacation slump. I'm still having a hard time believing that I spent a whole day in bed while in Hawaii. Looking through the pictures makes me realize that we really did have an awesome time. Thanks Mom and Sorensons for taking such good care of our kids! Now I am just plotting a way to get back with the whole family!