Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor day with the masses

Like the rest of So. California, we tried to beat the unbearable heat by escaping to the beach on Labor Day. We got there early enough to find a good spot, but by mid day we were literally surrounded by people. We actually had someone put up their easy-up just inches behind our heads. Dan dug the kids an enormous sand cave that was the envy of every other kid on the beach. Although the waves were strong enough to take your feet out from under you if you got close enough to the water, it was a great day!

Owen's post

A few of you have suggested that the Keeler men have not been well represented in our family blog. Here is Owen's contribution...

Hi, this is a picture of me playing Playstation 2. I like to play Cars and Spy Hunter and Chicken Little Ace in Action. I also like to play on the computer and play with my Big Mack truck and my Small Mack truck. Ever since the girls went back to school, I have been doing this a lot. Bye everyone!