Sunday, March 22, 2009

Recently on Stage

I don't think there has been a Tony Tobin Trailblazer production that hasn't featured a Keeler. We've been to them all. This year it was Shelby's turn. She and Gillian Warren take a ballet class together. Gillian helped her choreograph a dance for the talent show. We were so proud of our graceful little Shelbs! She did such a beautiful job. Here she is in action. It's short but sweet.

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting...

I am now a believer in martial arts. Owen started Tae Kwon Do last month. It is a boy's dream come true. Where else do the teachers actually say "Shout louder, Owen!"?? Owen was thrilled to be able to test for his yellow belt last weekend. It was a three hours on a Saturday - but so worth it! He had to show his basic form in front of the master and break a board with his running jump kick. He also had to be prepared to tell the birthdays of everyone in the family and the number one family rule (always greet mother and father when you come home or leave the house). He received two special stars to add to his uniform - for good behavior at home and at school. In order to test, he had to have his teacher's permission. The other day I asked him to help me with something in the kitchen. He actually said "I'd be happy to Mother." I just about fell on the floor.

Here he is with the group on testing day. His master Keung Jung Kim is in the black. His other favorite teacher Jef is in the green sweatshirt.

He got a really cool glass trophy that day. Can you tell he's holding it extra carefully? It was a big day!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nature Church

Every once in a while we like to have what we call Nature Church. Chris wasn't feeling well and didn't think he could sit through 7 hours of meetings, so we all took the day off. We drove out to a nature preserve called Wilderness Gardens. Amazingly, it is only about 20 minutes from our house. The wildflowers were just beginning to come up. They will be really beautiful in a few weeks. It was quiet and peaceful and felt like a warm summer day. We had a little picnic and just enjoyed the scenery. I love nature church.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I love my birthday!

I don't even care that it means I am getting older. I really do love my birthday. I like to think of it as a birthday week. I have been working that angle since Saturday when I convinced Chris to spend the day at Plant World with me. He loves me that much! I have shopped and lunched and breakfasted and dinnered. Oh the food - but birthday calories don't count right?

My talented girls crafted me up some adorable jewelry.

Owen gave me the always popular coupon gift. In case you can't read it, it says "This cupon good for getting your robe for one month." How sweet is that?

And my sweet husband knows me oh so well...

This is what happens

when you have two older sisters.

Snow Day

We went up to Idyllwild in search of some wintertime fun. We found it - along with half of Southern California. The snow was abundant, the sun was shining, there was a port a potty what more can you ask for? No one was seriously injured (although Shelby did fall off a cliff while no one was watching), no damage to the cars (although the driving/parking conditions made me think we might die), and we stopped for Dairy Queen Blizzards on the way home. That is the recipe for wintertime fun!

The Sorenson Train